Professional Development Seminar Series

Our professional development seminars provide participants the skills they need to stay current and move up in today's competitive business environment. Seminars are held on Loyola's campus and can be customized for presentation in-house.  

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Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and Quality Management

This seminar introduces the principles and techniques used by effective and successful companies across the world to manage and improve on organizational processes. It is intended for business people in industries with significant Lean Six Sigma or QM focus, or business people in any industry or organizational setting who want to identify ways to reduce waste and product or service defects, manage process variability, and improve the reliability of their business operations. The seminar is constructed to follow the standard Body of Knowledge for the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

Prof. Catherine Griffin is a Lecturer in Management and a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt instructor. She is a practicing process analyst and operations management professional, with 15 years of experience with the US Marine Corps leading continuous improvement initiatives and training operations personnel in Six Sigma methodologies.

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Business Model Development and Customer Identification

This seminar focuses on a rigorous model for investigating an organization’s core value proposition and identifying the essential characteristics of product or service offerings it presents to consumers. It is intended for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the growing number of “intrapreneurs” who seek to apply the lessons of innovation and new venture development within a larger organizational context. Participants will gain familiarity with the Business Model Canvas methodology, a standard global framework for in-depth business analysis used by thousands of people in organizations of all sizes. 

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Fraud Protection and Prevention for Small and New Ventures

This seminar provides proactive strategies for small business or new venture owners to prevent and protect against fraud. It is intended for small business owners and nascent entrepreneurs who lack a background in accounting practice and financial management and want to learn how to mitigate the significant risks of fraud to their business success. 

Dr. Jean Meyer, CPA, is a Visiting Professor of Accounting with extensive professional experience prior to her academic career, including positions as CFO and Controller in multiple organizations in the healthcare industry spanning over 20 years of practice. 

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Overview of Business Law: Contracts, Torts, and Employment

This seminar introduces and provides detail on the basic content and doctrines of business law as related to contracts, torts, and employment. It is intended for the business person who routinely manages contracts or makes employment decisions or whose work is potentially impacted by regulations in these areas. These topics apply to businesses of all sizes, and small business owners are especially encouraged to attend.

Prof. Chris Screen is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Law and is a graduate of Tulane Law School and a former practicing attorney in the State of Louisiana with over 30 years of legal experience, both in private practice and in the energy sector.

Principle-based Methods for Responsible Business Leadership

This seminar develops a systematic approach for responsible decision-making in business leadership using a method based on sound ethical values and managerial principles. It is intended for the business person who holds significant responsibility concerning the strategic direction and operational management of their organization, and who understands the value of customer- and stakeholder-focused decision-making. Participants will gain familiarity with a framework for instilling professional discernment throughout an organization, starting with its leadership, based on mission and values.

Dr. Nicholas Capaldi is Professor of Management and holds the Legendre-Soulé Distinguished Chair in Business Ethics. He is an internationally renowned scholar of ethics and private enterprise, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance.